New: Colad introduces complete Hand Cleaning Range.

Easily remove heavy soiling with the hand cleaning products from Colad!

Change to improve: EMM and Chemicar join forces to ensure even more innovation.

Zwolle (NL) / Zwijndrecht (BE) – Developments in the paint processing industry are moving faster than ever. The number of changes is unprecedented. Be it raw materials, circularity, energy management or legislation, significant changes are being made wherever you look. This requires a huge effort from all links in the international chain. The reason EMM (based in Zwolle, The Netherlands) and Chemicar (based in Zwijndrecht, Belgium) joining forces is henceforth to provide international paint professionals with the very best support from a single organisation.

Colad becomes proud distributor of Sundström Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

We are happy to announce that as of January 2024, Colad will be the go-to partner for Sundström Respiratory Protective Equipment.

New: Colad Mobile Vacuum Cleaner CMV8-M EA/PA

Ensure a clean and safe workspace with the powerful Mobile Vacuum Cleaner.

Colad expands distribution centre in Zwolle, The Netherlands

Colad is making strong progress expanding its distribution centre in Zwolle, The Netherlands. On the 19th of October the highest point in the construction of the extra warehouse was reached and the international developer of paint application products for the paint processing industry is all set for further continuous growth.

New: Colad Respirators A1P3 and A2P3

As you have come to expect from Colad, we have the highest standards in mind. Therefore we introduce into our Personal Protection range two new respirators. Our safety equipment provides the highest level of comfort for a safe and healthy work experience. The new disposable respirators protect against harmful vapours and particles according to the filter classifications: FFA1P3 R D and FFA2P3 R D.

Pro Planet Proof*: the future has started already!

Colad is very much aware of its responsibility to ensure a healthy future. Sustainable ideas and actions are very important for the entire chain we operate in and this sustainability is not finite.

Diagonal Foam Tape - for the best results!

The tape seals apertures between panels preventing the need for rework on hard paint lines. The diagonal design allows the paint to pass towards the edge. This will help you create the smoothest paint transitions possible preventing the need to rework on your panels.

Colad UV Curing Light and UV Putty reviewed by Bodyshop Magazine

The September edition of Bodyshop Magazine provides readers a list of tested UV lights. All benefits and technical features are compared for a be better understanding of the lights.

New: Colad Pump Spray System

As you have come to expect from Colad, we have the highest standards in mind. With pride, we introduce you to our newest innovation, the Colad Pump Spray System. A combination of the new Pump Sprayer Ultimate and a unique coding system. The Pump Sprayer Ultimate is a superior, highly solvent-resistant Pump Sprayer with adjustable spray mist and high compression level, for a flawless spray output. The content coding system allows you to identify your liquids fast and easy.

EMM sponsors R-M Best Painter Finals 2022

Supporting young painters with Colad PPE safety

New: Colad Ceramic Protection

The silicon-free, highly durable coating with 9H hardness, for a strong long-lasting protection and an easy-to-clean surface.

New: UV Fast Curing System – UV Putty Transparent

To expand our UV range, we developed a new UV putty suitable for smaller repairs. Colad Fast Curing System UV Putty Transparent is a UV putty specially developed to fill tiny rock chips. Just fill, sand and polish to achieve an even surface and avoid spraying too large an area. Perfect for smart and spot repairs. The putty is a single-component, ready-to-use product that is easy to apply to various substrates, like metal and plastics. The putty can be easily applied with the included Colad Paint Touch-Up Sticks to fill even the smallest chips. Easy to dry with the Colad Fast Curing System UV Curing Light, with a maximum curing time of 5 seconds. The small repair is ready for further processing immediately after curing.

Stay safe with Colad Nitrile Gloves!

Colad is committed to produce the highest quality, certified nitrile gloves for working with paints and chemicals. These gloves ensure a healthy work environment and the best possible personal protection.


On Thursday, the 15th of November 2021, we gathered the #UVgang for an inspirational work and chat session. At EMM, we believe that your questions, comments and insights will strengthen the collective. In the same way, the collective can strengthen your business. Together we know more. We therefore strive to gain knowledge from the market to improve and develop products that help you further.

Spray Booth Maintenance Solutions

A perfectly spotless paint-job needs a well maintained spray booth. Over the years Colad has developed five optimum protection combinations to help you keep your booth clean and the quality of your paint jobs as high as possible. Whether you want to keep your brand-new paint spray booth as clean as possible, restore your ageing spray booth to like-new condition, or prevent dust from swirling onto paint-jobs; the innovative Spray Booth Maintenance Solutions by Colad® will help you protect your investment, keep your booth clean and guarantee better paint-jobs.

Accelerate sustainable innovation by joining forces with Polymer Science Park

EMM International develops innovative solutions to make the best use of paint in all large-scale paint processing industries. These solutions have been inspired through collaboration across the entire chain, from the drawing board to distributors and end users. In recent years, EMM has launched new products, such as Colad UV Fast Curing System®, Turbomix Paintsaver®, Snap Lid System® and Colad BodyGuard® that offer an ingenious answer to industry-specific issues. The result is more efficient and effective paint processing in the automotive, aviation, marine and industry sectors.

New: Colad Body Line Marking Tool

Follow and mark in a fluid motion the original body lines of the car for an excellent sanding preparation before you start painting.

New: Colad Orange™ Masking Tape, now with improved tack and UV resistance.

To meet the demands of our users, our Orange™ Masking Tape is improved. This high temperature and UV resistant orange coloured masking tape with a unique adhesive compound is now supplied with improved tack and longer UV resistance. This masking tape has been developed to create excellent masking work by professionals in all paint processing branches.

Accelerate your curing time with the new UV curing solution from Colad!

To ensure profitability and streamline work processes, UV curing technology is being increasingly used in various paint processing markets. Colad introduces the Colad Fast Curing System, with the most powerful UV curing light and two extremely fast drying UV putties, to work quickly and more efficiently, while significantly reducing the curing time between process steps.
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