Colad UV Curing Light and UV Putty reviewed by Bodyshop Magazine

According to Bodyshop magazine, business owners are always looking for ways to increase throughput, increase profit margins, save on products and reduce waste, and reduce repair times. Consumable manufacturers are aware of these challenges and are doing their bit to develop primers, putties/fillers, paints and clears that all work quicker and more efficiently. However, when it comes to UV curing, technology has advanced faster than the consumables. Wayne Beardmore of the company Damage Undone was first introduced to the gamechanging world of UV curing back in 2018. He got gobsmacked by how quickly it cured Glasurit UV primer; the build of the product from only two coats was impressive. From that day on, he was sold on the benefits of UV curing and started to test more lights and consumables in order to learn more about it.

In Bodyshop magazine he shares his test results with the article “Spotlight on UV curing lamps”.

Test result Colad UV Curing Light

“ The Colad Fast Curing lamp is the newest addition to my range. It is a wired unit and has the smallest transformer compared to the others. The lamp itself is also very light and fits comfortably in your hand.

• Powerful.
• Lightweight and ergonomic.
• Compact power box.
• Robust storage case.
• Each kit comes with two tubes of Colad’s fantastic UV putty.
• Auto power off after cool down.
• Perfect for small to large jobs.
• Suitable for mobile or static repairers.

• No digital display (Colad does not feel that this is a feature that brings any benefit to its users)

This is my favourite wired unit because of how compact and light it is; it looks really cool, too. Curing larger areas with it is also a lot easier because it is so light
Test Review Colad Fast Curing System


UV curing technology

UV curing technology is being used more and more, to ensure profitability and streamline work processes, in various paint processing markets. The technology enables you to work faster and more efficiently, while significantly reducing curing time between process steps. The Colad Fast Curing System UV Light can be used to cure UV curing putties, UV curing paints and UV curing primers and body fillers on both small and larger areas. Easily dry UV curing products with the Colad Fast Curing System UV Curing Light, curing time depends on exposure distance and layer thickness. The treated surface is ready for further processing immediately.

The process of UV curing (Ultraviolet Curing) is a photochemical process during which the operator uses ultraviolet light from a specially designed tool to instantly dry UV curing products (such as coatings, primers and adhesives). The Colad Fast Curing System UV Curing Light emits high intensity UVA LED light, with a spectrum of 395 ± 5 nm. This specific UV wavelength is in combination with special UV drying products (coating, putty or glue) used to harden these products.

The UV spectrum of 395 ± 5 nm activates the hardeners in specific UV drying products. The resins in those kind of products harden the product in a matter of seconds, up to a minute. The user applies the product on the surface (spraying /spreading) after which the user activates the UV curing light on the UV product (close to the surface). In a few seconds, or in case of larger surfaces a minute or so, the user stops the UV light and the surface is hardened / dried after which he / she continues to the following step in the process.

In that sense the Colad Fast Curing System UV Curing Light is used for very short periods of time. The closer the light source is held to the surface the higher the actual UV radiation on that particular surface. The further it’s placed away, the larger the area that can be cured, but the intensity per area unit is reduced. The Colad Fast Curing System UV Curing Light will only cure products for which the curing properties are activated by or close to 395 ± 5 nm. The power of a UV tool depends on the distance to the object. 

The meaning of mW/cm2, is Power (W) x time (s) = Energy (J). For instance the power at 20 cm of 295 mW/cm2 during 5 seconds, will provide a total energy to the object / primer / putty of 1.475 mJ/cm2. The results in a curing time of 5 seconds with UV putties of Colad.
The Colad UV Putties, are perfect for smart repair as well as spot repair. The Colad UV Putty Coarse can be used for filling small cracks, dents and stone chips. The Colad UV Putty Fine can be used for filling even the smallest micro-holes. The putties are a one-component product, making it easy to apply. They offer easy dosing from the tube and are ready to use. There is no need to add a hardener. The putties are easy to dry with the Colad Fast Curing System UV Curing Light and are immediately ready for further processing. The extremely short curing time makes them extremely suitable for SMART repair and ensures that you can finish your project in no time at all.

Streamline your process and accelerate your curing time!

Work quickly and more efficiently, while significantly reducing the curing time between process steps. Check out the steps in the digital brochure here!

The Colad UV Fast Curing System includes a complete range of products to prepare minor and major damage.

 Colad UV Putty highly recommended by Bodyshop Magazine

In the Ocotber edition of Bodyshop Magazine the Colad Putties were also tested. In the review the user shares his experiences with the UV primers that are 1k ready for use without requiring thinning of a hardener. Check out the the test results below!

Test results Colad UV Putty

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