New: Colad introduces complete Hand Cleaning Range.

Easily remove heavy soiling with the hand cleaning products from Colad!
Hands are the most important tools for millions of professionals in many industries around the world. Therefore Colad developed a complete new range of Hand Cleaner and aftercare products for use in body repair shops, aerospace, construction, paint processing and all other markets that will get your hands dirty.

The new range can be subdivided into two options.
The Hand Cleaner Special is suitable for daily soiling and ideal to remove grease, brake fluid, lubricants, cement, ink, tar, bitumen, lime dust and other heavy daily soiling in an instant. Colad Hand Cleaner Extreme removes effortlessly extreme soiling like 2K adhesives and paints, polyurethane, lacquer(varnish), epoxy and polyester. The Hand Cleaner Extreme range also contains a convenient dispenser bucket with wipes, to clean your hands and tools everywhere, no water needed. As aftercare, the Colad Hand Care Lotion moisturizes your hands to prevent damaged and dry hands.

The packaging is carefully considered. Both versions come in handy packaging like pump cans which can be mounted to the wall on working height, an economical wall dispenser and small and convenient bottles.

Features of the Hand Cleaners:

  • Solvent-free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben-free


Hand Cleaner Extreme

Hand Cleaner Special

Hand Cleaner Extreme Wipes

Hand Care Lotion

8250 – Pump Can 4 L

8245 – Refill 4 L

8255 – Bucket 100 pcs

8259 – Bottle 250 ml

8271 – Wall Holder

8270 – Wall Dispenser



8251 – Bottle 250 ml

8246 – Pump Can 4 L




8271 – Wall Holder




Clean and protect your hands with the Colad Hand Cleaner Range!
Contact sales@colad.com or your local Colad dealer.


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