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An range of various sanding accessories for an efficient and high-quality sanding job.

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Body Line Marking Tool
Follow and mark in a fluid motion the original body lines of the car for an excellent sanding preparation before you start painting. The Colad Body Line Marking Tool is designed for body shops. This unique marking tool helps you to...
Prepping Paste
600 ml in a bottle. Prepping paste is used to simultaneously degrease, clean and sand the surface before painting. Recommended for application with Colad Scuff Pad S Ultra Fine Grey ( Art. No. 38001500 ). This water based product is...
Surface Protection Tape
1 roll in a plastic bag, length 50 m and width 50 mm. Surface Protection Tape for protection during sanding, grinding and light blasting jobs. Especially developed for the protection of vehicle surfaces during sanding, grinding and light...
Viscose Sponges
Dimensions 135 x 90 x 34 mm. 10 pieces in a plastic bag. Viscose Sponges for washing or adding water during any sanding process. Can be used with wet sanding. The sponges may be applied with silicon remover and other similar products....
Rubber Eraser Pad
135 x 34 mm, 2 pieces in a box, adapter included. Rubber Eraser Pad to remove pinstripes, stickers & decals, car lettering, glue residue, attachment tape and foil from paint and chrome surfaces. The pad can withstand up to 4000 RPM and...
Hand Sander HM 150
Hand sander, sanding mouse HM 150, 150 mm, light weight, hook & loop, per piece A light weight hand sander sanding mouse for a variety of sanding applications Sanding mouse shaped for comfortable hand sanding. This hand sander is...

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