Paint Protection

Paint Protection
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Our paint protection products are the best choice when it comes to optimum protection and maintenance of painted surfaces.

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Microfiber Polishing Cloths
Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm. Bag with 4 pieces. Re-usable up to 500 wash cycles (60°C) Very smooth cloths to clean rests of polishing material and puts the finishing touch to the surface Dull surface after polishing? The soft, 100% Microfiber...
Surface Preparation
Bottle, 1 litre / 6 bottles per box. This very effective cleaner and degreaser leaves the surface ready for Colad Ceramic Protection application. Colad Surface Preparation cleans, degreases, and prepares the surface for Colad Ceramic...
Ceramic Protection
Box containing 1 x 38 ml aluminium bottle + microsuede applicator pad + application manual + Sticker (can be used to identify the application of Colad Ceramic Protection). The silicon-free, highly durable coating with 9H hardness, for a...
Microsuede Applicator Pad
Plastic bag with 6 pieces. Microsuede Foam Applicator Pad for applying liquid products. Colad Foam Applicator Pad consists of a foam pad covered with a low-absorption microsuede fabric, with the COLAD logo embossed in low relief. The pad...

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