Diagonal Foam Tape - for the best results!

Innovative diagonally shaped foam tape to help you
get the smoothest edges.

The tape seals apertures between panels preventing the need for rework on hard paint lines. The diagonal design allows the paint to pass towards the edge. This will help you create the smoothest paint transitions possible preventing the need to rework on your panels.   

The tape is easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue, spotless results! With the Diagonal Foam Tape you will save time and the most smoothest end-results possible.

Achieving the perfect edge!

Bodyshop magazine did an article on soft edge masking where the Colad Diagonal Foam Tape was highlighted as well.

‘’ The diagonal edge allows the paint to wrap around the edge in tighter shuts.
The adhesion is also very good from this product’’
– Bodyshop magazine

Here’s how you use the tape!

Clean the surface before applying the Foam Masking Tape. Make sure the adhesive part of the paint faces the inside of the vehicle. Don’t stretch out the foam masking tape during application. Apply the tape all through the aperture/jamb for complete protection.

Benefits Diagonal Foam Tape

• Create flawless paint transitions in hard to reach places
• Eliminate hard paint lines without any effort
• Save time by preventing the need for rework
• Easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue

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