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Accessories in the paint preparation process.

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Compressed air nozzle with valve
For exact positioning compressed air on the right spot. The Colad Compressed Air Nozzle with Valve is a perfect method to guide your compressed air towards the exact spot where the air is needed, without loss of pressure. Suitable for...
Touch Up Paint Bottles
Touch Up Bottles, 30 ml, 100 pieces, lid with brush Touch Up Paint Bottles for paint samples to touch up minor damages Provide your client with a paint specimen so that they can touch up minor damage themselves. 100 touch up bottles 30...
Dispenser Bottle 1000 ml
Plastic bottle, dispenser function, 1000 ml A plastic Dispenser Bottle for drop by drop dispensing of diluent 1000 ml plastic bottle for dispensing special diluent to waterborne coatings. Equipped with a fine, “drop by drop” nozzle....
Universal Bracket
Per piece (no screws provided). Convenient bracket to keep your equipment within practical reach. This Universal Bracket is a multi-purpose product. It can be used to hold one box of Colad Snap Lid®, Colad Turbomix™ Paintsaver™, Colad...
Car Detailing Brush Set
The set contains 36 brushes in 3 types. The types are no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3. There are 12 pieces per type. For precise applying and touching up tiny quantities of paint and coatings for automotive projects. For fast and efficient...
Paint Touch-up Sticks
For ‘on the spot’ applying of paint on all kinds of paint for very small and precise paint repairs. The Paint Touch-up Sticks are an excellent tool for retouching small spots where the paint is damaged and needs a very minor paint...
Light weight trestle with sturdy construction. Dimension: 116 x 70 cm. Max. 60 kg. Light weight and adjustable trestle A workshop trestle for placing bumpers and doors on, for either preparation or painting. The trestle has a sturdy...

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