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Proper workshop organization is a source of profitability. We offer solutions to improve the productivity in each process.

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X-Bok with bumper holder
Universal sand and spray X-Bok trestle, storage size: 126 x 60.5 x 9.5 cm. Per piece. Universal X-Bok Trestle This sanding / spraying trestle of robust and stable construction can be used for many purposes. Adjustable in different...
Light weight trestle with sturdy construction. Dimension: 116 x 70 cm. Max. 60 kg. Light weight and adjustable trestle A workshop trestle for placing bumpers and doors on, for either preparation or painting. The trestle has a sturdy...
Parts cart of 109 x 76 x 166 cm. Per piece. Parts cart for collecting small parts For collecting and storage of dismantles car parts during repair, e.g. bumpers and doors. Large storage space. Mixing cup holder for collecting small parts...
Sanding Cart
Workstation , with a lock and 4 strong wheels. Color blue. Per piece. Mobile sanding cart A workstation for storing products or equipment. Suitable for sanding or polishing materials. With a drawer. Supplied with antislip material and...
Bale Press
Pneumatic Bale Press for paper to significantly reduce waste volumes. Reduce your paper waste volumes with the Bale Press The pneumatic bale press from Hamach is suitable for paper. It reduces your waste volumes substantially. The bale...
Combinationpress Buggy 30
Pneumatic press for paint tins and paper/cardboard to significantly reduce waste volumes. If you generate a combination of paper and tin waste, choose the Buggy 30 Combination Press You determine the purpose for which the machine will be...
Press Buggy 10
Pneumatic press for paint tins to reduce waste by up to 85%. The perfect Press when you generate lots of tin waste The pneumatic Press for your paint tins can reduce your waste by op to 85%! The Press is equipped with a water separator...
Workshop Stool
A comfortable workshop stool. Adjustable in height. Per piece. Workshop stool for a comfortable working position This workshop stool provides a comfortable working position, especially when working at difficult angles. It has a universal...
Paint Stand HLS 93
Paint Panel Stand with 7 accessories, 210 x 140 x 170 cm. Per piece. Multifunctional Paint Stand A multifunctional Paint Stand for supporting your sanding and paint jobs. Suitable for all body parts and bumpers. Use the foot treadle,...
PS 4 Telescopic Bars
A practical set of work stays to support boot lids, bonnets and doors during preparation. Per set of 3 lengths in a box. All parts are interchangeable, therefore you can extend the bars to all sizes within the following range: Minimum...
Short Rod
A short rod of 44 cm for the Paint Stand HLS 93.
Long rot
Long rot of 73 cm for the Paint Stand HLS 93.
Optional for Paint Stand HLS 93.
Stand for Buggy 10
Optional base frame for the Press Buggy 10. To place the Press Buggy 10 at the ideal working height A good working height is important for your health. With this Stand for the Press Buggy 10 you can place the Press at the ideal working...

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