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A protective solution that is applied dry.

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Dust Control 10 L
A static clear solution for spray booths floors and preparation areas. Can: 10 L. It makes dirt and spray dust stick to the surface; no whirling dust. Reducing the time spent on polishing job. Applied with pressure sprayer. Specially...
A transparent, protective, self adhesive film that can be applied to mask your booth walls. Protects your walls from overspray and is easily removed by simply peeling off the layers one by one when contaminated. A perfectly spotless...
Foil Applicator
Foil Applicator to apply Colad Film4Booth in the spray cabine.
Foil Dispenser
With the Colad Film4Booth Dispenser you are able to apply Film4Booth in an very fast and easy way. No need for carrying the Film4Booth roll and dispenser through the spray booth anymore! The two solid wheels and easy to add-on handle bar...
3 rolls of tape Film4Booth
To be used in combination with Colad Film4Booth (Art.no. 6860). 3 rolls per box. During applying or removing a layer of Colad Film4Booth The Colad Edge-Tape is applied on the edges of the film or parts where there are difficulties...

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