Colad & Hamach products receive Dutch sustainable quality mark

Sustainability and well-being are important focus areas at EMM. We supply products where these are both top priority for our end users. The new GroenGedaan! certification confirms our commitment to sustainability for 2020.

NEW Colad introduces printed 6000 ml mixing cup.

For the perfect mix, now also available in 6000 ml version.

Colad sponsors Deltion paint refinish and car damage repair education students with safety sets

The need for young, well trained talent within the car-body repair branch is growing in the entire world. To get the young talents ready for this particular branch, the education for paint refinish and car-body repair prepares them for the specific processes, more efficient product innovations and more digital solutions for spraying and pre-treatments of cars.

NEW Colad introduces a paint application system for SMART repair

This Snap Lid System® 88 ml is especially designed for SMART Repair - Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. It's a complete paint application system containing 50 Snap Lids, 50 Mixing Cups and 10 red Sealing Caps.

The Rabobank Circular Economy Challenge

Since the second quarter of 2019, EMM has participated in the Circular Economy Challenge. This is a regional initiative from Rabobank designed to help entrepreneurs tackle this element in their startup.

COMING SOON - Colad introduces the most powerful UV Curing Light

To ensure profitability and streamline work processes, UV curing technology is being used more and more in various paint processing markets. The technology enables you to work faster and more efficiently while significantly reducing curing time between process steps.

NEW Colad introduces the Snap Lid System® 900 ml version.

Our Snap Lid System® was invented so you can do what you do best. Your mixing cup is your paint cup.

Spray Booth Maintenance Solutions

A perfectly spotless paint-job needs a well maintained spray booth. Over the years Colad has developed five optimum protection combinations to help you keep your booth clean and the quality of your paint jobs as high as possible.

NEW Colad introduces the Masking Film Dispenser Smart!

For an improved masking process and cleaner paint jobs!

NEW Colad introduces the Colad BodyGuard® Undershirt!

The most comfortable shirt to wear under your paint suit.

NEW Colad introduces the Polyester Preparation Gloves

The ideal gloves for assembly, disassembly and preparation.

NEW Colad introduces the Black Nitrile Glove Dispenser Large!

An efficient solution for storing your gloves for grabs!

NEW Colad Orange™ Masking Tape!

Colad introduces Colad Orange™ Masking Tape: a new high temperature and UV resistant orange coloured masking tape with a unique adhesive compound. This masking tape has been developed to create excellent masking work by professionals in all paint processing branches.

NEW WaterlessWash

Save time and money by cleaning panels quickly and easily whilst minimising your eco-footprint!

NEW Colad Snap Lid paint application system®

Our Snap Lid System® is a paint application system invented so you can do what you do best. Your mixing cup is your paint cup. Connect your favourite spray gun. Use any type of paint. Stay in the flow!

NEW Colad Mixing Cups now available in lower quantities!

For the perfect mix, now also available in lower quantities!

Hamach introduces the quick and easy spray gun cleaner

Cleaning your spray gun in between jobs is a time consuming task. The quick and compact Hamach spray Gun Cleaner increases your productivity by enabling you to clean your spray gun from leftover water based paint in a matter of seconds!
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