New: Colad Mobile Vacuum Cleaner CMV8-M EA/PA

Ensure a clean and safe workspace with the powerful Mobile Vacuum Cleaner.

Dust-free work is important for the health of your employees and the quality of your paint work. This compact and powerful Mobile Vacuum Cleaner helps you to remove fine dust produced by sanding and keeps your workspace clean. It is suitable for dry and liquid suctioning. The Mobile Vacuum Cleaner has a powerful engine of 1400 W. You can select the ideal settings for your job, because you can adjust the suction power manually. Comes with an intelligent start/stop system. Supplied with an automatic filter cleaning system, it cleans the filter during work breaks so well that you can continue with an unchanged, elevated airflow. It has a 12-month warranty.


Features and benefits:

  • Suitable for dry and liquid suctioning
  • Suction power can be adjusted manually
  • Intelligent start/stop system
  • With an automatic impulse filter cleaning system 


CMV8-M EA/PA Mobile Vacuum Cleaner
Art.no. 000770

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