Spray Booth Maintenance Solutions

Perfect results demand perfect circumstances.

A perfectly spotless paint-job needs a well maintained spray booth. Over the years Colad has developed five optimum protection combinations to help you keep your booth clean and the quality of your paint jobs as high as possible.

Whether you want to keep your brand-new paint spray booth as clean as possible, restore your ageing spray booth to like-new condition, or prevent dust from swirling onto paint-jobs; the innovative Spray Booth Maintenance Solutions by Colad® will help you protect your investment, keep your booth clean and guarantee better paint-jobs.

 Five optimum protection combinations:

  • DRY
    A protective solution that is applied dry. Ideal to protect a well-maintained booth, protecting your walls from overspray.

    A protective solution that is applied wet, but dries as a peelable layer. Being white in color it is ideal to protect booths which have become discolored. Improves visibility and gives your booth a brand new look and feel!
        Option A: Hybrid
        Option B: Hybrid / Dry

  • WET
    Clear, protective solutions that can be applied wet. Ideal to protect a well-maintained booth protecting your walls from overspray and avoiding dust contamination.

       Option A: Tacky
       Option B: Non-Tacky


Find your optimum protective combination.

Choose Colad Spray Booth Maintenance Solutions to protect your investment and maintain the best results.

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