Blizzard White Peelable Booth Coating



White, protective coating that forms a strong layer on your booth walls. Can: 10 L

Protects your walls from overspray

Gives them a bright appearance and easy to remove by simply peeling off the layer. Before application make sure the walls of the spray booth are clean and grease-free. Mask all transparent parts such as lights and windows. Stir well and apply as mentioned. To remove carefully peel of the individual layer. Any residue can be removed with warm water or high pressure sprayer

Benefits of Blizzard White Peelable Booth Coating

  • Keeps your walls clean
  • White for optimum reflection
  • Ready to apply
  • Easy to remove by peeling off the layer

Instructions for the application Blizzart White Peelable Booth Coating

Clean any loose dirt and/or other grease from the surface to be painted. Mask all transparent parts such as lights and windows. Stir well before use and do not dilute. Apply with spray gun, airless system, brush or paint roller (Airless: nozzle 417, 100-150 bar spray pressure. Spray gun: 2.5 nozzle, 3 bar spray pressure). Recommended coat thickness: 150 micron. Allow to dry at room temperature. Recommended number of coats: Fist coat: 150 micron. Multiple coats can be applied on top of each other (up to a maximum of 6 layers) to achieve maximum whiteness. All extra coats can be applied at a thickness of 65 microns approx. Drying at 20°C / 60% RV: Surface at least 12°C and relative humidity maximal 80%.

Technical features of Blizzard White Booth Coating

  • Packaging: Per can of 10 L
  • Color: White
  • Substance: Water based
  • Tacky: No
  • Consumption: 6.66 m²/L
  • Humidity: 40-60% RV
  • Heat resistance: up to 60°C
  • Coat thickness: First layer min. 150 micron; additional layers min. 65 micron
  • Drying time: +/- 6-8 hours (20°C) (reduce drying time with air flow)
  • Time to use after applying: +/- 2 hours
  • Maximum usage: 250 booth cycles or 3 months
  • Shelf life: 1 year after production at 20°C (see expiring date on the can)

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