Ice Transparent Peelable Booth Coating



Transparent, protective coating that forms a strong layer. Can: 5 L

Protects your lights and windows from overspray 

Can easily be removed by peeling off the layer. 

Benefits of Ice Transparent - Peelable Booth Coating:

  • Keeps your lights and windows clean
  • Easy to remove by peeling off the layer
  • Ready to apply

Technical features of Ice Transparent - Peelable Booth Coating

  • Humidity: 40-60% RV
  • Consumption: 4-6 m²/L
  • Recommended coat thickness: Apply twice until a minimum 150 micron coat thickness is achieved. The applied material will have a milky color. This will turn transparent once dry. Don’t apply multiple coats on top of each other. This will reduce opacity and light efficiency. Allow to dry at room temperature
  • Application method: Apply with spray gun, airless system, brush or paint roller
  • Application: Windows and Lights
  • Color: Transparant
  • Tacky: No
  • Instructions for application: Make sure the windows and lights of the spray booth are clean and grease-free. Stir well and apply as mentioned
  • Nozzle size: Airless: nozzle 417, 100-150 bar spray pressure
    Spray gun: nozzle 2.5, 3 bar spray pressure
  • Removal: Peel of the layer gently. Overspray can be removed with warm water or high pressure sprayer.
  • Shelf life: 1 year after production at 20°C (see expiring date on te can)
  • Substance: water base
  • Drying time totally: 6-8 hour (20°C) (reduce drying time with air flow)
  • Heat resistance: up to 60°C
  • Time to use after applying: ± 2 hour
  • Drying at 20°C/60% RV: Surface at least 12°C and relative humidity maximal 80%
  • Maximum usage 250 booth cycles or 3 months

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