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Van Dongen Verf B.V. - Your professional paint supplier!

Van Dongen Verf B.V. has been the leading paint wholesaler for the professional paint market since 1924. The target groups superyachts, yacht building, water sports, marine, industry and construction are served with a complete range of A brands, customer-specific solutions, services and advice that really makes a difference. And all this in a spacious 2400 m² facility.

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Van Dongen's dedicated, professional specialists assist clients with practical advice and smart technical support day in, day out. Van Dongen is known for its fast delivery and excellent service.

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Recently Van Dongen completely outfitted its mixing area with Hamach stainless steel equipment. This includes Hamach Stainless Steel Tables, Hamach Stainless Steel Waste Bin, Hamach Ventilator Unit and the Hamach Spraygun Cleaner HR1400 for quick cleaning of spray guns. In addition to their own professional spray booth where colour samples, demos and tests can be carried out, all colour samples can now be prepared for Van Dongen customers in their own 'kitchen'. This reduces the turnaround time for colour samples from 2 to 3 weeks to just 2 to 3 working days!

More information about Van Dongen Verf B.V. www.vandongenverf.nl.

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