Stainless Steel Work Benches with extraction hood




Stainless Steel work benches with extraction hoods. Available in two sizes (120 cm and 180 cm) and choice between with or without doors. 

The Stainless Steel work bench for your paint mixing room

High quality stainless steel work benches for paint mixing rooms. Manufactured in polished stainless steel to avoid paint contamination, prevent rust and allow easy cleaning. Vapor extraction over the complete working surface at a height of ± 20 cm. Available in two sizes: 120 cm and 180 cm. You can also choose between with or without doors. The Stainless Steel work benches are also deliverable without the extraction hood.

Benefits of the Stainless Steel Work Bench

  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable in height
  • With extraction hood for vapor extraction
  • Polished flat work surface
  • Spilled fluids stays on the worktop

Technical specifications of theStainless Steel Work Bench

  • With extraction hood
  • Working height: 91 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm
  • Extraction point: ø 180 mm. spanning the width of the table at a height of 25 cm

Available versions

Art. no. With or withour doors Length Weight
000463 Open, without doors 120 cm 41 kg
000460 Open, without doors 180 cm 60 kg
000465 2 doors 120 cm 81 kg
000462 2 doors 180 cm 105 kg

Do you prefer a Stainless Steel Work Bench without the extraction hood? That’s also possible! Ask for art. no. 000463-01, 000460-1, 000465-1 and 000462-1.

Check out the digital brochure for a complete overview of our mixing room equipment range.

Art.no. Variant
000460 180 cm - open
000462 180 cm - 2 doors
000463 120 cm - open
000465 120 cm - 2 doors

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