Paint Touch-up Sticks




For ‘on the spot’ applying of paint on all kinds of paint for very small and precise paint repairs. 

The Paint Touch-up Sticks are an excellent tool for retouching small spots where the paint is damaged and needs a very minor paint repair. The tip of the stick is lint-free and made of non-absorbing fibres. The sticks can also be used for removing dust and cleaning very tiny car parts. 100 pieces per tube/4 tubes in 1 box.

Features and benefits:

  • Available in 3 very tiny sticks, for most accurate application of small paint repairs
  • The tips have a flexible head that can be bent slightly
  • Packed in a transparent dispenser to make it easy to identify the right size by colour
  • Sticks are upside down in the dispenser, and can be taken out without contaminating the other stick tips 
  • Packing in tubes with lid provides clean storage


Perfect to apply a small amount of base coat / primer and-/or clear for a small repair. Dip the brush in the paint to apply on the object. The paint tip can be bent slightly for hard-to-reach areas. Can also be used to remove small dust particles and/or to clean small objects or areas. 

Technical specification:

  • One-time use only (disposable product)
  • Lint-free tip
  • In a transparent dispenser
  • Colour:
    9910: white ø 1.0 mm
    9915: yellow ø 1.5 mm
    9920: blue ø 2.0 mm
  • Stick dimensions: 100 mm length
  • Material: PP & Nylon
  • Content: 100 pieces per tube
  • Packaging Unit: 4 tubes in 1 box / 40 boxes per carton
Art.no. Variant
9910 1.0 mm
9915 1.5 mm
9920 2.0 mm

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