Car Detailing Brush Set



The set contains 36 brushes in 3 types. The types are no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3. There are 12 pieces per type.


For precise applying and touching up tiny quantities of paint and coatings for automotive projects.


For fast and efficient cleaning use Hamach Cleaning Fluid HR 1000. Did you know that our Colad brushes fit perfectly in the Colad 2300 ml Mixing Cups, closeable with a lid, for clean storage.


Features and benefits of the Car Detailing Brush set

  • With the 3 sizes you can cover a wide variety of automotive detailing work
  • Each brush is made of natural (pony) hair for smooth and precise application of paint and coatings
  • Hair is strong material and can be cleaned and used more than once
  • The brush has a pointy tip to make it easier for various applications


Technical specification

  • Shaft colour: green
  • Brush shaft length: 180 mm
  • Brush width: no.1 5 mm + no.2  6 mm and no.3 8 mm (approximately)
  • Material brush hair/shaft: natural hair/wood, pony hair
  • Content: 36 pieces: 12 x no.1 + 12 x no.2 + 12 x no.3 
  • Packaging unit: 1 set in cardboard carton, packed in foil; outer box contains 5x6=30 sets
EAN code 8714247064054

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