Testimonial ITAS (UK) on Hamach Central Vacuum

ITAS develops and delivers technical training courses in partnership with vehicle manufacturers. Their mission is to ensure that vehicles are repaired efficiently and safely by technicians who share a common vision and committed to ongoing personal development. 

Candidates are in the best hands and have the best chance of success in the professional, supportive learning environment they have created at their world class Training Academy in Milton Keynes, UK.

The Academy was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of tomorrow’s automotive technicians. It contains the very best equipment and technology which they have hand-picked from across the world to give their candidates the right tools to follow the right standards and make the right repair time after time.

EMM International BV is a key product partner for ITAS. Their Training Academy is equipped with the Hamach central dust extraction system, hand tools and the stainless steel mixing room equipment.

"For dust extractions and in the mixing room, Hamach was our first and only choice of supplier. Their customer service is always excellent and the quality of the product is exceptional and complies with the highest technological standards required by the industry. Where safety and standards are concerned there can be no compromis. That is why ITAS is proud to use Hamach equipment." Bryan Young, Chairman ITAS

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