Central vacuum system HCV 15000 TQ



Top quality fine dust extraction system for up to 15 extraction points for simultaneous sanding 24/7.

HCV – Hamach Central Vacuum System 

The Hamach Central Dust Extraction system HCV 15000 TQ is designed to support a dust free working process in a 24/7 operational industrial production environment. 

The HCV 15000 TQ has been designed for the simultaneous connection of 15 sanding tools and can be configured to meet all your production process requirements. Choose Hamach HCV TQ series and you choose proven technology! Check-out the Hamach HCV references! 

Dust free process results in higher efficiency 

Protect employees against fine dust (from wood, metal, plastics, mastic, putty, coating) produced by sanding. Reduce defects in the paint process! And less dust in the working area resulting in higher efficiency! Work safe and efficient with Hamach HCV TQ series! 

Benefits of the HCV 15000 TQ

  • Top quality fine dust extraction middle and large sized industrial use 
  • 24/7 operation 
  • Powerful up to 200 m length of tube work 
  • 9 M-class filters with pneumatic 
  • Filter cleaning 
  • Durable system 
  • Up to 15 extraction points for simultaneous sanding 

Technical features of HCV 15000 TQ

  • Max. extraction points: 15
  • Volt (V): 380 - 400 
  • Power (kW): 12.5 
  • Air flow (m³/h): 1100
  • Air flow (L/min): 18.300 
  • Under pressure (Kpa): 26 
  • Under pressure (m. bar): 260 
  • Number of motors: 1 
  • Air pressure (bar): 5 
  • Weight (kg): 600 
  • Dimensions L x W x H (cm): 188 x 95 x 190 
  • Noise level (dBa): 74 
  • Polyester non woven filters (m²): 9 x 0.8 
  • Filter surface (m²): 7.2 
  • Automatic filter cleaning: Yes 
  • Container volume (L): 150 
  • Tube work (m): ± 200 
  • Switch box (24 V): Standard 
  • Inverter available: Optional 
  • Formulated according to ATEX standards: Optional 
  • Warranty: standard 24 moths / 10 years with a service contract

Warranty of HCV 15000 TQ

Warranty up till 10 years!  

Standard 24 months warranty. Take a Hamach Service Contract and the warranty period will be extended till a maximum of 120 months! Ask us for the Hamach Service Contract conditions. Choose Hamach and you choose a reliable and durable solution! 

ATEX of HCV 15000 TQ

ATEX for HCV 15000 TQ The Hamach HCV 15000 TQ can optionally be delivered as an ATEX version. Suitable to extract potentially explosive dust like fine aluminum (dust class IIIC – ST1).


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