Testimonial HCV 410 HQ A PCC Autoschade

PCC Autoschade in Asten (The Netherlands) has been active in the car repair business since 2007 and has arisen from a hobby and passion for cars. They already have more than 20 years of experience in car repair. PCC Autoschade ensures professional and quick damage repair and also takes care for the settlement with the insurance.
In addition to car damage repair, PCC Autoschade is also the address for classic car repairs, restoration projects and custom paint jobs. PCC Autoschade has with this a wide range of services!

For the workspot PCC Autoschade had chosen for a Hamach HCV 410 HQ A. This is a Dust Extraction Turbine suitable for max. 4 sanding workers and has a pipeline of max. 30 meters. The machine is ideal for multiple working areas in one hall. The HCV HQ 410 A has an automatic filter cleaner, a nice advantage of this Dust Extraction Turbine.
Geert Verberne of PCC Autoschade had installed the entire machine all by himself.

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