Testimonial HCV 410 HQ A Autoschadebedrijf JGO

JGO has been established since 2001 as a car repair company in Chaam (The Netherlands). It started as a cooperation between several car companies in the region, because there was a wish to treat individual car damage together. The founders of JGO are Edward Joosen (Joosen Auto’s), Ad Geerts (Ad Geerts Auto service) and Frank Oomen (Frank Oomen Auto’s).
Meanwhile, JGO has become a well known concept in the region when it comes to car repair or other paint spraying jobs. JGO takes care of the entire process and, if desired, arranges the settlement with the insurance company and a replacement vehicle.
Many different services are performed at JGO, think of:

  • Insurance damage
  • Car repair (paint damage, hail damage, spot repair, etc.)
  • Painting cars (using a spray booth)
  • Dent repair
  • Damages expertise
  • Paint jobs (also other paint jobs like kitchens, cabinets, heathers, etc.)

To carry out all these services, JGO Autoschade has chosen one of Hamach’s solutions. For the extraction of dust, JGO has opted the HCV 410 HQ A. This is a Dust Extraction Turbine suitable for max. 4 sanding workers. The HCV 410 A has a pipeline of max. 30 meters and is therefore perfect for multiple working areas in one hall.
The advantage of this HCV 410 HQ A is that this machine has an automatic filter cleaener!

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