UV Safety Goggles



UV Safety Goggles provide optimal eye protection while using UV tools. The UV Safety Goggles have a clear, dark lens for optimal vision, and long-lasting comfort. They also possess adjustable legs, for the perfect fit.

UV Safety Goggles provide optimal eye protection while using UV tools

These UV Safety Goggles shield the user's eyes from the impact of UV radiation. While working, they also offer protection to the eyes from flying materials. The clear, dark lens combines optimal vision with high protection, and the adjustable legs provide optimal comfort and create the perfect fit.

Features of the UV Safety Goggles

  • Suitable for use while working with UV products
  • Dark, clear lens with high protection levels
  • Adjusable legs
  • Embossed with the Colad logo

Benefits of the UV Safety Goggles

  • Comfortable due to the flexible and adjustable design
  • Optimal vision combined with high UV protection
  • While working, protection from flying materials

Technical specifications of the UV Safety Goggles

  • Material: Nylon, silicone pads, stainless steel screws
  • Frame code: EMM 166 F CE UKCA
  • Colour: Black, with white Colad logo
  • Lens: Polycarbonate, UV protection tinted lens, protection against high speed particles
  • Lens code: 2-3 EMM 1 F CE UKCA
  • Light transmittance: Between 8.0% and 17.8%
  • Protection against high speed particles: Low energy impact 45 m/s
  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Packaging: One piece in a plastic bag, user manual included
  • Outer box: 12 pieces

Protection levels of the UV Safety Goggles

  • Frame: EMM 166 F CE UKCA
  • Lens: 2-3 EMM 1 F CE UKCA
  • Protection: UV protection, tinted lens, light transmittance between 8.0% and 17.8%
  • Optical class: 1 (suitable for continued use)
  • Mechanical strength: F (impact protection against particles with high speed and low energy – 45 m/s)
  • UV protection: UV400 by EN 170:2002 (filters >95% of UV with a wave length up to 400 nm)

Certification of the UV Safety Goggles

In accordance with the European directive 2016/425/EU (personal protective equipment) CAT II (personal protective equipment against intermediate risks) By following the European harmonised norm EN 166:2001 (eye protection). Notified Body 0196 (DIN Certco).


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