UV Curing Light



The fastest and most powerful UV curing tool for curing all surfaces in an instant! 

To ensure profitability and streamline work processes, UV curing technology is being used more and more in various paint processing markets. The technology enables you to work faster and more efficiently, while significantly reducing curing time between process steps. The Colad Fast Curing UV Light can be used to cure UV curing putties, UV curing paints and UV curing primers and body fillers on both small and larger areas.

Easily dry UV curing products with the Colad Fast Curing System UV Light, curing time depends on exposure distance and layer thickness. The treated surface is ready for further processing immediately. 

Purchased a Fast Curing System UV Curing Light? Click here to register your light and to claim your 12-month warranty period.

Features of the UV Curing Light

  • High intensity UV LEDs
  • UV LED wavelength 395 nm
  • High-tech ergonomic design
  • For drying UV curing products
  • Strong, solvent-resistant clear glass lens
  • Cord wired 
  • Shock-resistant technology

Benefits of the UV Curing Light

  • App. 300 mW/cm2 UV LED
  • The safest solution available in the UV-A spectrum
  • Easy to operate due to its high-tech, lightweight, ergonomic design
  • The cured surface can be processed immediately after curing
  • Durable and easy-to-clean lens
  • Cord wired, so always at your service. All day, every day!
  • Sustainable and durable material

Technical features 

  • Tool size (L x W x H): 20 x 7.5 x 19.5 cm
  • Tool weight: Tool 0.9 kg; gross weight 5.2 kg
  • Power supply input: AC 100-240 V, 1 phase (50/60 Hz), 3 A
  • Power supply output: DC 48 V, 4.6 A, 220 W
  • Number of UV LEDs: 18
  • UV wavelength: 395 nm
  • Transport and storage conditions: Ambient temperature -20°C tot 40°C.
  • Working conditions: Ambient temperature 0°C to 40°C
  • CE compliant


Per piece in a storage case.


  • Protective hard case - 1 piece
  • UV protection goggles - 1 piece
  • Colad Polyester Preparation Gloves - 1 pair
  • User Manual - 1 piece
  • Warranty Card - 1 piece
  • UV Putty Fine - 1 tube 220 g

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