Surface Protection Tape



1 roll in a plastic bag, length 50 m and width 50 mm.

Surface Protection Tape for protection during sanding, grinding and light blasting jobs. 

Especially developed for the protection of vehicle surfaces during sanding, grinding and light blasting jobs. Perfectly suited for the temporary wedging of glued windscreens.

Benefits of Surface Protection Tape

  • No air bubbles during application, this results in complete surface adhesion and protection. 
  • Silicone free 
  • The tape can be perfectly torn both in length and width with no unraveling of the cloth. 
  • Easy to remove and leaves no residue, even after temporary exposure to temperatures higher than 60°C 

Technical features of Surface Protection Tape

  • Colour Silver 
  • Carrier Laminated linen 
  • Length 50 meter 
  • Width 50 mm 
  • Thickness 0.28 mm 
  • Tensile strength 20 kgf / 25 mm 
  • Elongation 10% 
  • Temperature resistance 60°C


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