NEW Colad Snap Lid paint application system®

Fast and easy paint application using the Colad Snap Lid System®

Our Snap Lid paint application system® was invented so you can do what you do best. Your mixing cup is your paint cup. Connect your favourite spray gun. Use any type of paint. Stay in the flow!

Let’s make it simple

Are you ready to speed up your paint process and achieve high-quality results? Our Snap Lid System® offers the fastest and easiest solution for preparing and spraying paint. Conventional methods often waste valuable time and multiple preparation products while preparing paint for application. We are proud to bring you the fastest paint application system in the market. Easy does it: Mix, Snap and Go!

Two-step paint application system

By using this two-step system you save effort, time and money. The compact and complete system enables you to save on expensive preparation products. It keeps your working area clean and minimizes the risk of spilling expensive paint.

  • Step one – Mix your paint in the Colad Mixing Cup.
  • Step two – Snap the Colad Snap Lid onto the Mixing Cup.

Go! Your paint system is ready to go!

Available in multiple sizes

Size does matter! The Snap Lid System® is suitable for all jobs. Our cups are available in three sizes: 350 ml, 700 ml and 900 ml. Perfect for smaller jobs, everyday painting and the bigger challenges.

Lay it on thick - or thin

Each Snap Lid has an integrated strainer that filters the paint while spraying. You can use any type of paint. Just pick the correct strainer according to the advice of your paint supplier.

The system is available in the following types:

Filter Type of paint
90 micron Clear coat
130 micron Waterborne base coat
190 micron Conventional base coat
280 micron Primer





*Always consider the advice of your paint supplier.

More information on our Colad Snap Lid page.

Ready to give the Colad Snap Lid System® a go?

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