Colad & Hamach products receive Dutch sustainable quality mark

Sustainability and well-being are important focus areas at EMM. We supply products where these are both top priority for our end users. The new GroenGedaan! certification confirms our commitment to sustainability for 2020.

GroenGedaan! is the mark of quality from Stichting Duurzaam, an organisation with a vision of highlighting sustainable companies in order to enable consumers and clients to make conscious choices.

This quality mark is especially applicable for sustainable repair and maintenance within the automotive branch. The organisation does not only look at sustainable business operations, but also the use of sustainable products, that is, products that are less harmful, or not harmful at all, to people and environment.

In the annual inspection of specifications, attention is paid to: unwanted ingredients, unwanted health risks, the reliability of the safety sheets and registration at the Poison bank.

We at EMM are very proud to have this quality mark attached to our products. The following Colad products have received the quality mark:

Spray Booth
Colad Antidust 8140
Colad Liquid Masking 8400
Colad Blizzard White 8145
Colad Dust Control 8200
Colad Booth Coating 8144

Colad Easy2Check 9300
Colad Control Spray 8030

Colad OneStepReady 8700
Colad OneStepReady 8725

Plastic Repair
Colad Plastic primer 90672267
Colad Plastic Cleaner 90672270

Colad Allround Neoprene Putty 4060
Colad Windscreen Primer 90675436
Colad Fast Drive MS Windscreen Adhesive 90673720
Colad Seam adhesive MS Polymer black 90672426
Colad Seam adhesive MS Polymer white 90672427
Colad Seam adhesive MS Polymer grey 90672428
Colad Sprayable Seam Sealer MS Polymer 90672412
Colad Panel Bonding Adhesive 90672440
Colad Self Adhesive Noise Absorbing Sheets 4050

Take a look at the recognized products of Hamach here 

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