Vanesch Verf Groep training centre fitted out with Hamach products

Vanesch Verf Groep has been a full-service supplier of automotive and industrial coatings to car body shops for over thirty years. They offer a very comprehensive package thanks to various supplementary services, such as on-the-job technical support and tailor-made training courses. Vanesch Verf Groep has three locations, serving customers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Vanesch Verf Groep stands for serving customers through the provision of a comprehensive, high-quality range of automotive coatings, industrial coatings and related products and services. That way the customers can operate successfully and maximise their returns every day.

Vanesch Verf Groep has its own training centre where it provides its training courses. Vanesch Verf Groep opted for Hamach stainless steel solutions when it came to fitting out the training centre’s mixing area.

Hamach stainless steel solutions are manufactured in polished stainless steel to avoid paint contamination and prevent rust. This also allows for easy cleaning. Hamach stainless steel solutions can be tailor-made to fit any space. The mixing room equipment and extraction system together represent a complete professional solution. The products are guaranteed to be of high quality and in compliance with environmental regulations.

Vanesch Verf Groep is proud of its training centre. Together with Hamach, it has created a great venue for the training courses to take place.

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