Respirator A1P2



One mask in an air-tight storage box with 2 carbon filters A1 and 20 pre-filters P2. Maximum usage 40 hours. 

Respirator A1P2 protects against the inhalation of isocyanate from paint or solvents 

Fits perfectly around the nose and mouth. Complies with the strict UNE-EN 140 standard, CE-marked: 0159. Especially suitable to be used by car painters.

Benefits of Respirator A1P2

  • Especially suitable to be used by car painters
  • Carbon Filters provide protection against the dangers of inhalation of hazardous materials like paint spray including isocyanates
  • Made of flexible synthetic material, which provides a good fit to the face, no leaking and good comfort
  • The fit may be adjusted with the special cradle headband with neck clip
  • Neutral color: no negative influence on color judgment
  • Large filtering surface of 2 carbon filters: optimal protection & easy breathing
  • Large exhalation valve for optimal breathing comfort
  • Transparent airtight box saves the life time of the Carbon Filters 

Technical features of Respirator A1P2

  • Respirator type: Half mask 
  • Valves: Two inhalation valves for Carbon Filters, one exhalation valve 
  • Material of skirt: Flexible synthetic material; color: gray 
  • Material of straps: Polyester / latex elastic; color: gray 
  • Material of exhalation valve: Natural rubber; color: gray 
  • Material of inhalation valve: Silicones: color: gray 
  • Adjusted with: Special cradle headband with neck clip  

Certifications of Respirator A1P2

  • Complies to the most strict norms for personal safety (UNE-UN 140 Half masks and Quarter masks) and the American norms NIOSH/MSHA. 
  • CE certification: CE-mark: 0159 

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