Spray Sample Sleeves



The solution that helps you organise your spray samples and protects them from scratching. Protect it, Organise it, Store it. Per set of 250 pieces.

A Spray Sample Sleeve for easy storage and recognition of spray samples

In a busy workplace, it’s all about efficiency. Organising your work processes in a smarter way saves time and gives you the opportunity to complete your tasks faster and more easily. For this reason, Colad developed the Colad Spray Sample Sleeves.

These small carton sleeves provide room for one painted Colad Spray Sample. Basic information of the date, car type, colour code and remarks can be listed on the sleeve. When stored, the colour is visible at a glance through the square hole in the front of the sleeve. Per set of 250 pieces.

The benefits of Colad Spray Sample Sleeves

  • Protects spray samples against scratching
  • Room for listing car and colour information
  • Easy organisable by the integrated hanging hole
  • Fits in spray sample cabinets

The technical features of Colad Spray Sample Sleeves

  • Material: Paper, 250 grams
  • Size: 150 mm x 110 mm
  • Supplied with 15 mm Ø hole
  • Packaging unit: 250 pieces

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