Spray Sample Cabinet with Metal Spray Samples



Spray sample cabinet, size h 90/120 mm, w 113 mm, d 156 mm + 250 metal spray samples (white)

Your ideal Spray Sample storage solution with this solid cabinet

Metal spray samples equipped with solid cabinet: an ideal system for keeping your Metal Spray Samples neatly stored! This product consists of an empty Spray Sample Cabinet(931801) and 250 Metal Spray Samples. (white)

The benefits of the Colad Spray Sample Cabinet

  • Store and protect Spray Samples
  • Solid storage solution
  • Easy recognition in combination with Spray Sample Sleeves
  • Keep your workshop neat and clean

The technical features of the Colad Spray Sample Cabinet

  • Material: Metal
  • Size: Height front 90 mm, height back 120 mm, width 113 mm, depth 156 mm
  • Color: Metal grey
  • Packing: Per piece with 250 metal spray samples   


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