NEW WaterlessWash

Save time and money by cleaning panels quickly and easily whilst minimising your eco-footprint!

Colad is pleased to present this convenient and money-saving addition to our cleaning solutions range. Before commencing any repair, you need to make sure the surface is a 100% clean. Normally you would take the car to the commercial car wash, spending time and money cleaning the complete car.

Colad WaterlessWash enables you to clean specific panels at any location you require. No more need to spend any of your valuable time and money on cleaning a complete car. Just apply Colad WaterlessWash on the panel that needs cleaning, wait half a minute and wipe it off with a damp cloth. Then a quick polish to make sure the surface is completely clean and you are ready to start your repair job! You will save up to 15 minutes per vehicle.

Not convinced yet?

Colad WaterlessWash also substantially reduces your eco footprint. Rather than wasting hundreds of litres of clean water at the commercial car wash, which then needs to be recycled, just apply a damp cloth, which only needs to be rinsed once in a while.

Achieve the best possible result whilst reducing your eco-footprint using Colad WaterlessWash!
Order your Colad WaterlessWash now. Contact your local Colad dealer or sales@emm.com.

Colad WaterlessWash

Art. no. 8000
5 L. can

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