COMING SOON - Colad introduces the most powerful UV Curing Light


  • High Intensity UV LEDs
  • More than 200 mW/cm2
  • High-tech Ergonomic Design
  • Suitable to cure small and large surfaces


About UV Fast Curing

To ensure profitability and streamline work processes, UV curing technology is being used more and more in various paint processing markets. The technology enables you to work faster and more efficiently while significantly reducing curing time between process steps.

Introducing the most powerful UV Curing Light

The most powerful UV Curing Light will be introduced . It can be used to cure UV curing putties, UV curing paints and UV curing primers and body fillers on both small and larger areas. The UV Curing Light will be available from 2020.




Benefits of the UV Curing Light 


Save time and work more efficiently

The Colad UV Curing Light is an ergonomic tool to cure both small and large areas in the fastest way possible. The powerful Light is equipped with high intensity UV LEDs and cures with more than 200 mW/cm2 power. The cured surfaces are immediately ready for further processing: no need to wait to polish or sand. It can be used for both spot repair projects and to cure larger areas or body panels.

Always at your service, all day, every day!

Designed to be operated quickly and easily, the high-tech ergonomic grip and operation is similar to a spray gun grip. The light combines the low weight of a spray gun with the ease of the 900 ml Colad Snap Lid® paint application system. The Light is cord wired, making it suitable for a full day's continuous working.
The Light is designed with shock resistant technology to resist shocks and vibrations due to the aluminium housing and protective reflecting cap. Additionally, the Light is equipped with a solvent resistant clear glass lens to prevent damage to the lens and output loss . To prevent overheating, the UV curing Light has active cooling that is designed to lead the airflow safely away from both the object and the operator.

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