Colad sponsors Deltion paint refinish and car damage repair education students with safety sets

The need for young, well trained talent within the car-body repair branch is growing in the entire world. To get the young talents ready for this particular branch, the education for paint refinish and car-body repair prepares them for the specific processes, more efficient product innovations and more digital solutions for spraying and pre-treatments of cars.

Personal protection is one of the most important aspects. Within EMM personal protection has a very high priority, that is why all new students who will start the paint refinish and car damage repair education from Deltion College are receiving a PPE-safety set from Colad. This collaboration between Deltion College and EMM International BV started five years ago. The importance of this cooperation is to teach the students to always work safely. Thanks to this initiative the students also learn to work with innovative products from Colad, Hamach and Ronin Tools.

The yearly PPE-safety set contains the following products: a personalized BodyGuard® Paintsuit, Colad BodyGuard® Undershirt and Colad Nitrile Gloves.

  • Colad BodyGuard® Premium Comfort Paintsuit provides optimum protection against overspray and 100% dust and lint free. Especially designed to guarantee a full day of working comfort. Because of the unique design the BodyGuard® always looks representative and has a perfect tight fit. The Colad BodyGuard® is made from breathable material and comes with an anti-static coating.
  • The Colad Undershirt® Undershirt is the ideal shirt to wear under your Bodyguard® Paintsuit or any other paint suits. The shirt is made from heat regulating fabric that contains 1% carbon which gives the shirt anti-static properties, and prevents it from sticking to your body or paint suit. In contrast to regular cotton or nylon shirts, this undershirt does not attract dust. What is more, the tight fit guarantees optimum freedom of movement and makes it supremely comfortable to wear, even over the course of a full day’s work.
  • The grey Colad Nitril Gloves are extra thick and are developed with a long sleeve, which makes the gloves extra suitable for working with paints or other solvents.

Wednesday the 29th of January the PPE-safety sets where given to the students by EMM International BV.

Due to EMM International, whom provided these safety sets, the students experience themselves how it is like to work like an professional and learn how important safety during your work is.

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