Switch Box EX Fan



Switch box to expand you Hamach ventilation system. This switch box enables you to easily switch the system on and off and to activate pre-programmed customized ventilation settings accessable via the included LOGO TDE unit.

Easily manage your Hamach ventilation system by adding this Switch Box.

This Switch Box is designed by our technicians in Zwolle to enable you to easily customize and program you ventilaton sytem. The unit is accommodate with a LOGO TDE unit that offers you the opportinity to add your own programs and settings. The switch box has a 3 position switch for on / off and automatic, this automatic setting gives you acces to the LOGO TDE with your pre-programmed options. 

This unit takes over the circuit enabling you to activate all kinds of pre-programmed options, for instance: 

  • Separate program for after-working hours
  • Program break times and ventilation times

It is even possible to control the lighting system with the integrated LOGO TDE, ask your specialist to show you all the options.

Achieve the best fitting ventilation options possible for you specific workplace, ensuring a safe working environment and economic use of resources. 


  • 3 positon switch (on / off / automatic)
  • High quality Dutch Design
  • Made from A-brand parts


  • Guarantee a safe working environment
  • Economical use of power resources 
  • Customizable pre-programmed options via the automatic settings
  • Optional connection for a fire alarm and clock

Technical features:

  • Measurements: 400 x 500 x 210 mm
  • Connection: 5 core power cable 380/400V - 16A fused
  • Safety:
    • Negative pressure sensor for the flow measurement of the fan.
    • In the event of a fault, the signal horn and signal lamp go off and the fault is visible on the screen.
EAN code 8714247082683

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