Undercoating Spray Gun Adjustable 2-8 bar



Spray Gun for the application of undercoating and cavity protection products in tins of 1 L. With an air connection and a nozzle to apply the product on surface. This gun also is equipped with an adjustable nozzle to adapt the spray pattern (orange peel effect).

Features and benefits

  • Adjustable nozzle diameter 0 - 5 mm for spraying with different spray patterns (orange peel effect).
  • Equipped with a thread that fits directly on (almost all) 1 liter cans.
  • Made out of high quality materials. Well-balanced in use. Robust construction.

Preparation and application

Screw the 1 liter can with threaded ring nut to the support as far as it will go. Connect the compressed air supply hose to the connecter on the spray gun. Work the lever until the product comes out. Adjust the volume coming out using the front regulator. To mount the cavity spray hose, first unscrew the front part and screw on the spray hose with fitting.

Technical information

Materials: Nickel-plated aluminum / Nickel-plated brass
Packaging unit: 1 piece per carton
Operating temperature: -10°C (253°K), +90°C (343°K)
Dimensions: 230 x 275 x 50 mm


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