Undercoating M80 - Repaintable




1 L tin with spray connection (suitable for +/- 2.5 m2). 3 versions: black, white, grey

Undercoating with anti-corrosion and noise reduction properties   

Material made of rubber and resins. After drying, the coating is paintable. The coating offers excellent protection against climatic influences and against gravel and stone chips.

Benefits of Undercoating M80

  • The coating offers excellent protection against climatic influences and against gravel and stone chips 
  • Very good adhesion to a wide range of substrates 
  • Very good resistance of weather influences spray water and abrasion 

Technical features of Undercoating M80

  • Packaging 1 L. tin with spray connection 
  • Packaging Unit Box of 12 x 1 L. 
  • Shelf life 2 years (store between 10°C and 20°C) 
  • Usage ± 0.7 kg/m2 or ± 0.7 litre/m2 
  • Basic material Solvents, resins, rubbers and fillers 
  • Consistency Liquid, good sag resistance 
  • Specific density (20°C), DIN 51757 Ca. 1.03 kg/litre 
  • Temperature resistance (cured) -25°C till +80°C 
  • Resistant (20°C), cured Water, salt spray, oil, soft bases and acids 
  • Dry to touch (20°C, 65% RH) Ca. 45 min. (±700 μ wet) 
  • Completely dried (20°C, 65% RH) Ca. 2 hours (±700 μ wet) 
  • Forced drying (60°C) Ca. 45 min. (± 700 μ wet) 
  • Paintability (20°C, 65% RH) 
  • 2 component high solids Possible after drying, primer recommended 
  • Base coat system Possible after drying 
  • Water based system Possible after drying 
  • Salt spray test (DIN 50021)  
  • Up to 480 hours, Ri 0 at 350 μ dry layer thickness 
  • Up to 720 hours, Ri 0 at 350 μ dry + paint 
  • Gravel test (SAE-J400 method) 6A – 6B at 350 μ dry layer thickness 
  • Bending test (DIN 53152, +70°C) No cracks, no loss of adhesion 
  • Bending test (DIN 53152, -30°C) Minor cracks, no loss of adhesion 
  • Substrates 
    Adheres well (without pretreatment) on a wide range of clean, dry, dust- and grease free substrates. It is advisable to perform an adhesion test before starting

Preparation and Application of Undercoating M80

  • Can be applied as stone chip and anti-corrosion coating
  • On bumpers, front and rear aprons, doorsills and chassis. And as a sound-deadening product in wheel-housings
  • For cars, trucks and coaches  
  • Shake before use 
  • The surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry, rust-, dust- and grease free 
  • Can be applied by an Undercoating Spray Gun with an air-pressure of 3-6 bar 
  • Recoated without bleeding 
  • Over-painted (depending on the layer thickness, temperature and humidity), after about 60 to 90 minutes, with most of the commonly used conventional 2K- and base coat lacquers. When a 2Klacquer is used, we advise to first use a layer of primer and to paint over after this layer has completely dried 
  • Optimum spraying distance: 30 cm 
  • Cleaning contaminated surfaces and equipment: in ‘fresh’ condition with solvents 
Art.no. Variant
4010 Black
4020 White
4030 grey

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