Allround Neoprene Putty



Colour grey. 1 kg can + Nylon Brush art. No 4070.

Allround Neoprene Putty is a petrol and oil resistant compound 

While remaining elastic after drying, brush and spray textures are retained. Allround Neoprene Putty is repaintable. Allround Neoprene Putty seals body panel joints, e.g. in the trunk of a car and other parts of the bodywork. An excellent adhesive and resists temperatures ranging from -25°C to +80°C. Allround Neoprene Putty to a clean, dry, oil-free surface.

Benefits of Allround Neoprene Putty

  • Delivered ready for use 
  • Repaintable 
  • The sealer remains flexible during and after application and is resistant to both, gasoline and oil 
  • For use with any substrate

Technical features of Allround Neoprene Putty

  • Color: Grey 
  • Temperature resistance: from - 25° C to + 80° C (- 77° F to + 176° F)
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Packing: Can 1 kg
  • Packing unit: 6 cans in carton



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