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The most comfortable shirt to wear under your paint suit! The Colad BodyGuard® Undershirt is the perfect garnment to wear under your Colad BodyGuard® Paint Suit or any other paint suit. Made of heat regulating fabric that contains 1% carbon which gives the shirt anti-static properties, and prevents it from sticking to your body or paint suit. In contrast to regular cotton or nylon shirts, this undershirt does not attract dust. Whats more, the tight fit guarantees optimum freedom of movement and makes it supremely comfortable to wear, even over the course of a full day’s work.

- Tight, elastic fit for optimum freedom of movement
- Dust free, lint free, silicon free
- Does not attract dust
- Regulates body heat
- Available in short-sleeve (5 versions: art.no. 5400xx) and sleeveless version (5 versions: art.no. 5401xx).
Art.no. Variant
540148 S
540152 M
540156 L
540160 XL
540164 XXL

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