Tack Rags Gauze



Recommended for medium to large dust particles. Made of cotton gauze. Size 82 x 45 cm. Per box of 10 pieces in individual bags.

Tack Cloth Gauze 

Developed with an ideal formulation that captures the dust very efficiently. Picks up and holds all dust, dirt and sanding residue to prepare the surface for a smooth blemish-free finish.

Benefits of Tack Cloth Gauze

  • Open structure 
  • High quality 100% cotton (13 yarn gauze) 
  • Will not harden or dry out 
  • Antistatic 
  • Lint free 
  • Natural Impregnated with an unique tacky formulation for a better wiping efficiency (no chemical treatment or bleaching) 
  • A smooth, professional finish 
  • For use with water and/or solvent based coatings 

Technical features of Tack Cloth Gauze

  • Content 1 box: 10 pieces per carton box. Each Tack Rag Gauze is separated packed in a sealed plastic bag
  • Packaging unit: Carton of 24 x 10 pieces 
  • Store: between +15°C and +45°C 
  • Size: (L x B) 82 x 45 cm 
  • Tear Strength: (MD) > 30 n/m 
  • Tear Strength: (CD) >20 n/m 
  • Elongation at break (MD): < 10% 
  • Elongation at break (CD): < 15% 

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