Non-woven Tack Cloth



Made of viscose and polyester. Compact structure. Per box of 10 pieces in individual bags. Size: 32 x 45 cm 

Tack Cloth recommended for small to medium dust particles.

Benefits of Non-woven Tack Cloth

  • Non-woven tack rags are applied during the process of painting 
  • Especially during the refinishing of cars 
  • To remove small particles of dirt, dust and so on
  • For use with water and/or solvent based coatingsNatural binders (no solvents) so solvent compatible
  • Lint free 

Technical features of Non-woven Tack Cloths

  • Description: Non woven cloth, impregnated with a synthetic resin 
  • Binder percentage: 30 % 
  • Composition: Apertured structure (67% viscose + 33% polyester) 
  • Weight: Approximately 65 grams/m2 
  • Colour: white 
  • Dimensions:  32 x 45 cm

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