Pump Sprayer Coding Rings



Set with five Pump Sprayer Coding Rings. 

A unique system to easily distinguish the content of your pump sprayers. 

Distinguishing between different types of liquid content in your work space can be challenging. A good system to code your spray bottles is a must to keep your inventory organised. The Colad Pump Sprayer Coding Rings allow you to easily identify between different fluids, using colour coding. Log your code on the Colour Identification Chart to maintain control of your sorting. 


  • Suitable for use on the Colad Pump Sprayer Premium and Ultimate
  • Each set contains five easy to distinguish colours


  • Easy distinction and identification of fluids due to colour coding
  • Fast and easy to apply  

Technical features:

  • Colours: blue, green, yellow, orange and grey
  • Content: Set with five Pump Sprayer Coding Rings 
  • Material: HDPE
  • Size: 74 mm
  • Weight: Two grams per ring
  • Packaging: plastic minigripbag 
  • Outer packaging: 100 sets per box, 108 boxes per pallet

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