Scuff Rolls 115 mm x 10 m




115 mm x 10 m, 2 versions: Red type A very fine, Grey type S Ultra fine. 1 roll shrink wrapped.

The material is very flexible and follows the shape of the surface to be prepared. 

The high quality Scuff Rolls are especially designed for both manual or machine use. Prior to applications of finishing coat, primer or lacquer. Can be used on painted surfaces, but also on plastics, wood and metal surfaces. 

Art. no. 38200800 Type A, Very Fine (VF) – Red, is particularly appropriate for the roughening of unpainted or primed plastics, plywood steel and aluminum parts. Scuff Discs may also be used to prepare new sheet metal parts for refinishing.  

Art. no. 38201500 Type S, Ultra Fine (UF) – Grey, is particularly effective for the roughening between coats, when using 2 component paints and primers. This Scuff Disc may be used to repair blend areas. 

Benefits of Scuff Rolls 

  • Long lifetime 
  • Can be used wet and dry 
  • Easy to shape and fold, while maintaining the effectiveness due to three-dimensional fiber structure 
  • High abrasion capacity 
  • Gives an excellent smooth finish 
  • Ideal for matting of surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next lacquer layer. 
  • Can be used on painted surfaces, but also on unpainted wood, plastics and metal surfaces. Substrate range:  Paints, Coatings, Steel and stainless steel , Plastics , Copper alloys / brass / bronze , Primers, Plywood , Aluminum , Etc. 

Technical features of Scuff Rolls 

  • Size: 115 mm x 10 m 
  • Backing: Non-woven 
  • Grain: Aluminum Oxide (VF) and Silicon carbide (UF) 
  • Bonding: Resin 
  • Coating: Three-dimensional


Art.no. Variant
38200800 Red Type A
38201500 Grey Type S

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