Delta Sanding Sheets 7 Holes Hook and Loop




Delta sanding sheets, 7 holes, hook & loop

Delta Sanding Sheets for a wide variety of sanding applications

The Delta Sanding Sheets are suitable for all types of paint as well as waterbased painted wood surfaces. These sanding sheets can also be used for sanding old paint or varnish on methal or synthetic surfaces. The Delta Sanding Sheets can be used on delta shaped sanders.

The benefits of Delta Sanding Sheets

  • Can be used on delta sanding machines
  • Aluminum oxide grit with special open coating
  • 7 holes for dust extraction during the sanding process
  • Easy to attache with hook & loop

The technical features of Delta Sanding Sheets

  • Grit: Aluminium Oxide (standard P)
  • Coating type: Special open coating
  • Colour:  KAP (beige)
  • Holes:  7
  • Fastening:  Hook & loop
  • Packaging: Box of 50 sheets
  • Available grits: P60 – P360

Art.no. Variant
858060 P60
858080 P80
858100 P100
858120 P120
858150 P150
858180 P180
858220 P220
858240 P240
858280 P280
858320 P320
858360 P360

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