Waterproof Sheets 230 x 280 mm




230 x 280 mm, a set of 50 sheets per sleeve. 

These Waterproof Sanding Sheets are designed for wet sanding of all paints. 

The Sanding Sheets remove scratches from the painted surface. After removing the scratches simply ‘polish’ the surface to a high gloss finish. For optimal sanding quality, achieved due to the precision coated grain.  

Benefits of waterproof sheets 

  • Extremely uniform surface quality after sanding, due to precision placed grain and high quality coating
  • Optimal sanding quality, achieved due to the precision coated grain
  • Very smooth finishing due to fewer scratches caused by the accurate grain bond system
  • Specially prepared latex waterproof paper for surface treatment of small paint defects

Technical features of Waterproof Sanding Sheets 

  • Color: Black 
  • Size: 230 x 280 mm 
  • Grit Types: P80 – P360 Aluminum Oxide, semi open. P400 – P3000 Silicon Carbide, closed

Art.no. Variant
35000600 P600
35000800 P800
35001000 P1000
35001200 P1200
35001500 P1500
35002000 P2000
35003000 P3000

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