Sanding Discs Premium 6 + 1 holes




Hook & Loop, to be used with 150 mm pads. 100 discs per box, 50 discs per box for P40 and P60. 6 + 1 holes.

High quality Sanding Discs, very well suited for machine sanding at high speeds during all stages of the repair process. 

Open-coated aluminium oxide abrasives especially prepared for strength and durability. Designed for the car body repair and marine industry for sanding, paints, primers and putties.

Benefits of Sanding Discs Premium

  • High quality, paintable finish; creating a paintable and even finish
  • Increases productivity; aggressive cutting performance, work more efficient
  • Durable, resist to clogging; treated to prevent dust accumulation. Result: durable and provides a high quality finish 
  • Fast and consistent performance; high speed in sanding performance, initially and for the disc lifetime  
  • Less dust; hole pattern creates good dust extraction and provides a healthier workshop 
  • The sharp and hard aluminum oxide grains are especially prepared to provide fast cutting results with high removal rates
  • The unique engineered coating technique of the Sanding Discs prevents accumulation of particles into the abrasive, so it will last longer and gives a consistent high quality finish
  • Suitable for metal, decoration and wood industry

Technical features of Sanding Discs Premium

  • Diameter: 150 mm 
  • Backing: D-Paper / C-Paper 
  • Grain: Aluminum Oxide 
  • Bonding: Resin over resin 
  • Coating: Semi-open 
  • Colour: Gold 
  • Application on pad: Velcro (Hook & Loop, to be used with 150 mm pads) 
Art.no. Variant
3650004010 P40 6+1 50x
3650006010 P60 6+1 50x
3650008010 P80 6+1 100x
3650012010 P120 6+1 100x
3650015010 P150 6+1 100x
3650018010 P180 6+1 100x
3650024010 P240 6+1 100x
3650036010 P360 6+1 100x
3650040010 P400 6+1 100x
3650050010 P500 6+1 100x
3650080010 P800 6+1 100x

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