Evo MaxFlow Sanding Support Pad



Sanding Support Pad with a diameter of 150 mm and 96 holes.

The sanding support pad for extremely effective dust removal!

High performance universal sanding support pad. The Sanding Pad has a diameter of 150 mm and comes with 96 holes for an extreme high level of dust extraction, which will prevent your Sanding Disc from loading. This will keep your abrasives sharp and therefore more durable. Suitable for pneumatic and electrical sanding machines (adapters and bolds included). Can be used with all types of abrasive discs and all of te hole patterns.

The benefits of the sanding support pad

  • Extremely effective dust removal
    Romves a big amount of dust, prevents the sanding disc from loading. Keeps your abrasives sharp and durable.
  • Perfect end result
    Very even scratch pattern. Low vibrations.
  • High performance & quality
    Stable and constant performance. Can be used at heavy duty applications.
  • Easy to use
    Hook-and-loop system for fast abrasive disc change.

Technical data of the Sanding Support Pad

Diameter: 150 mm
Nominal thickness: ± 9 mm
Weight: ± 125 g
RPM Maximum: 13.000
Mounting: Adapters, distance washers and bolts included. 5/16” thread: For many pneumatic and electric sanders. M8: For Festool ETS electric and LEX Pneumatic orbital sanders.


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