Soft Flex Rolls 115 mm x 25 m




Roll of 25 m, 200 pre-cut sheets of 125 x 115 mm in a dispenser box. 8 versions available, P180 - P1000.

Sanding paper on foam backing. 

Specially for sanding intricate parts. Can be used wet or dry. Available with coarser grits for sanding putty and finer grits for primed or lacquered surfaces.

Benefits of Soft Flex Rolls 

  • Flexible and soft for hand sanding of difficult to reach and profiled places
  • The foam base provides easy gripping and appliers pressure evenly. This reduces the risk of sanding through
  • Special stearate coating which prevents clogging

Technical features of Soft Flex Rolls 

  • Color: Gold 
  • Backing: A-paper + 4 mm foam 
  • Grits: Aluminum Oxide 
  • Grain distribution: Semi open 
  • Coating: Stearate coating
  • Grade: P180 - P1000 Variant
38950180 P180
38950240 P240
38950320 P320
38950400 P400
38950500 P500
38950600 P600
38950800 P800
38951000 P1000

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