20 pieces per box. 4 versions: Grit 1000, Grit 2000, Grit 3000 and Grit 4000. 

A quick and safe solution for solving small paint defects

Can be used preliminart to the polishing process, to achieve the high gloss result and decrease the polishing time. By sanding the surface with Colad Optimus before polishing you speed up and improve the polishing process and its final result. Due to is flexible foam base Colad Optimus offers a perfect solution for sanding angled and edged surfaces, which limits the risk of possible pressure marks.  

Benefits of Optimus

  • A multifunctional, flexible abrasive 
  • The perfect solution for sanding angled and edged surfaces 
  • Limits the risk of pressure marks 
  • Suitable for both wet and dry sanding by machine or by hand 
  • Extra long life-span 
  • Helps to achieve high-gloss results 
  • Durable silicone carbid grain 

Technical features of Optimus

Art.no. Variant
3881000 1000
3882000 2000
3883000 3000
3884000 4000

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