Nylon Paint Strainer 125 micron



Paint strainer, 125 micron, extra fine mesh, 1000 pcs per box

A Nylon Paint Strainer for paint filtering

Paper strainers for both conventional and waterbased paints, with 125 micron nylon mesh for fast and perfect filtering, delivered in a plastic bag to keep them perfectly clean. 1000 pcs.


The benefits of the Colad Nylon Paint Strainer

  • Extra Fine 125 micron mesh
  • Suitable for conventional and waterbased paint


The technical features of the Colad Nylon Paint Strainer

  • Straining element: Nylon
  • Supporting element: Paper
  • Mesh: 125 micron (extra fine mesh)
  • Printing color: Black
  • 4 plastig bags(250 pcs) per box(1000 pcs)



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